Our Business Philosophy 




The DigitalRadio Ltd. is a 100% Hungarian personnel owned company. We have been working in the Hungarian Radio Market for more than 15 years. During this time in Broadcast Engineering and IT Operations we collected a lot of experience and knowledge what we would like to share with You increasing the value of Your Company.

During these working years we participated many times in turnkey designing of a lot of radio stations, editorial offices and studios sometimes as procurer but mostly as contractor.   

We have unique experience in
- Planing, designing and contracting studios both electronically and acoustically
- Planing, measuring broadcast point, planning and building modulation line (wired, microwave, optical)
- Managing IT services in offices and editorials, IT Outsourcing.


Moreover we develop and produce our own designed gap-stopping devices and software products. We are the representative of several renowned brands with full product portfolio and service background. 

Our Team is proud of planning and building the very first lossless audio based fully computer controlled radio system in Hungary. In our country We designed and built the first satellite radio broadcast system providing automatic local commercial window opening.  

We established DigitalRadio Ltd. with a view to fill the gap of the missing radio integrators in the Hungarian market. As radio professionals we are in constant readiness on every day of the week 24 hours a day.

Our primary goal is to PROVIDE SOLUTIONS and take your interest in focus. According to the rules we set for ourselves we sell only such systems that we know and use! 

We hope we will welcome You as one of our Clients: Team