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The IT Outsourcing Service - Your Cost Effective Solution to add value to Your Business

Outsourcing Service for commercial businesses and organisations which decided to peace their mind and so can focus on their competencies instead of their IT infrastructure - so the Clever ones.
From many years on DigitalRadio Ltd. successfully runs IT Infrastructure Management and Service. We provide IT outsourcing services to small to mid sized enterprises (offices up to 50 workstations)

Why Digital Radio is a good solution:
- Become the single point of contact for all IT and related issues
- Providing access to fully trained IT engineers
- Unique wide variety of application services and management
- Around-the-clock support (365/7/24) - if you need it

Our Outsourcing practice covers myriad services, including:
- Total IT management and Support
- Plan, Design, Operate, Evaluate Client-Server architectures (Win/Linux/Unix/Virtual Machines)
- Windows Sever/Desktop proactive maintenance and configuration
- IT Consultancy, and many more...

We have been managing to operate our own IT support related business successfully within the Communication Industry for more than 15 years where innovation and constant changes are the common denominator from IT point of view. This collected and constantly improving knowledge and experience empower us to deal with almost any kind of IT issues may occur while you are running your everyday business. Moreover we effectively share Best Practice or give you ideas how to operate more cost effective and inform you on useful innovations.

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Broadcaster Specified Services

Finding free frequency

If You want to make radio, You have three options:
1. Simplest: Buy a Company who has licence
2. Wait while NHH opens a tender for the territory
3. Have a free frequency search, having privileges to buy at the end of the tender

WE can help You in all three options!

Creating Broadcast Coverage Plan
In case having a Broadcast License You need a Coverage Plan since the authorities issue Your Frequency License accordingly. During the planning process we continiously focus on Your strategic considerations and we optimise the result.
Full authority administration   
Broadcast point setup and Transmitter - antenna system installation

We design Your Studio that exactly suits to Your radio practice and demand.
- Studio design (electronics, acoustics, human resources)
- Optimal wiring, matrix's
- Help you build a well-isolated, great-sounding facility (plan and measure absorption coefficients)
- Internal design, unique studio furnitures

Radio Automation Systems
- Installation, migration, configuration and support
- We install the best automation suits Your needs, we help to fill up the music database.

Sound Design
Cool sound design set-up at the mics, and the overall wall of sound matching to the format of your station

System support
If You had any technical issues with your station during the operation - from the microphones through the automation to the broadcast unit - we help You. One can choose between monthly recurring fee or ad hoc engagement agreement form. we are ready day and night, 365/7/24!

Remote supervision
If You want to know what happening at your station even
- there's no-one in the studio
- You are on holiday
- the transmitter is far away without personal supervision
than You need our Remote Supervision System!